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Innovior is revolutionizing the interior construction industry by providing sustainable, customizable manufactured interiors.  We believe the time has come for construction to embrace technology and take a more sustainable approach to building.  We believe to do better, we need to build better.  The opportunity and timing are perfect, both the industry and the planet demand it.  Together, we have the technology, knowledge and expertise to create opportunities for change.

New approaches and new technologies can make a meaningful and lasting impact on design and construction.  This positive disruption is what we are all about.  Empowered by ICE, we provide and deliver custom DIRTT Solutions which replace conventional construction materials and substantially reduce on-site construction activity.  ICE integrates numerous work processes involved in conventional construction including design, sales, ordering, engineering, manufacturing specifications, delivery and installation using a single underlying set of real-time engineering and manufacturing data.

DIRTT's Agile Architectural Solutions save space, adapt easily to change and have initial and on-going custom abilities that take environmental and economical sustainability far beyond conventional construction and even current environmental measurement systems. 

We deliver complete interior space solutions:  DIRTT Walls; DIRTT Power; DIRTT Networks; DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Ceilings; and DIRTT Floors, or any combination of these components.  All DIRTT Solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with one another and to be integrated into a client's existing space.

Innovior Construction’s depth of experience, our utilization of the proprietary ICE® software, DIRTT’s efficient manufacturing abilities and our combined commitment to the environment make our team a compelling choice toward ensuring positive outcomes for our clients. 

Build better.